1. The dead load includes ?

self-weight of the structure

all superimposed loads

weight of stationary equipments

weight of furniture

Answer: self-weight of the structure


2. Which of the following statement is correct ?

The rolled steel tubes are efficient structural sections to be used as compression members

The rolled steel flats are used for lacing of elements in built-up members

The rolled steel bars threaded or looped at the ends are used as tension members

all of the above

Answer: all of the above


3. The value of factor of safety is decided keeping in view ?

average strength of material

value of design loads

value of internal forces

all of these

Answer: all of these


4. When a single angle strut is connected to a gusset plate with one rivet, then the allowable working stress corresponding to the slenderness ratio of the member, is reduced to ?

60 %

70 %



Answer: 80%


5. A strut is a compression member which is ?

small in length

loaded lightly

vertical or inclined

all of these

Answer: all of these


6. The effective area of a butt weld is taken as the .............. of the effective throat thickness and the effective length of butt weld ?





Answer: product


7. Within the elastic range, the bulk modulus of elasticity is defined as the ratio of ?

longitudinal stress to the longitudinal strain

shearing stress to the shearing strain

hydrostatic stress to the volumetric strain

none of the above

Answer: hydrostatic stress to the volumetric strain


8. The distance between two consecutive rivets of adjacent chains and measured at right angles in the direction of the force in the structural member, is known as ?

pitch of rivet

staggered pitch of rivet

gauge distance of rivet

any one of these

Answer: gauge distance of rivet


9. Effective length of a column is the length between the points of ?

maximum moments

zero shear

zero shear

none of these

Answer: zero shear


10. Factor of safety is the number by which the yield stress of material is divided to give the ?

bearing stress

bending stress

shear stress

working stress

Answer: working stress