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Q2. What is the best strategy while answering MCQ Questions?

The best strategy to keep in mind while attempting MCQ Questions in Any exam is to try reading the question several times. Use the method of elimination and answer the question correctly.

Q3. Where can I get Multiple Choice Questions and Answers??

There are plenty of resources out there MCQQUESTIONS.NET provides you MCQ Questions and Answers. However, you can find them on our site and direct links to access them are given for your convenience.

Q4. How do you write a MCQ Questions?

MCQ Questions are asked to know the depth of knowledge of the subject or topic. It includes the correct option of an answer or close to that question. To write an MCQ Question first you need to know the intent of the invigilator and then write your answer.

Q5. How do you pass the MCQ exam?

Depth knowledge of subject or topic and Smart Work by eliminating the incorrect options most of the time that's how they able to give an answer which they don't know.

Q6. What is MCQ based exam?

Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are a form of assessment of any subject and topic for which students select one choice from multiple options for any question. The options are the possible answers that the student can choose from, with the correct answer called the key and the incorrect answers called distractors.

Q7. How can I study MCQ fast?

Try to understand the focus keyword of the question in which the answer mostly depends once you decode that keyword you can study MCQ fast.

Q8. How do you solve MCQ without knowing the answer?

By eliminating the incorrect answer which you know that they cannot be the answer.

Q9. Is MCQ easy?

MCQ Questions test your depth of knowledge of the topic so they don't easy but comfortable than a descriptive exams as you don’t have to write a very long answers.

Q10. Is C usually the correct answer?

No, all invigilators are very used to this type of practice it may be work in an early time when MCQ questions introduced but today this is totally irrelevant.

Q11. How do you cheat on MCQ?

No there is no cheat on MCQ question until you know the topic depth and analyze with the options.

Q12. How do you guess MCQ questions??

Before Guessing the MCQ Questions we should take care of few things 1. No Negative marking 2. Product of Negative Marking and No. of option should be less than or equal to 1. 3. Eliminate wrong options as much as possible These few steps will increase your chance to guessing correct answer.

Q13. How do you answer MCQs?

When you read options, some options eliminate easily and then you can do answer fast.

Q14. Why is Mcq a question?

Because it is easy to test the concept and the answer explanation does not vary from one to another that's why asked in competitive exams mostly.