1. Which one of the following sections of equal cross-sectional area can resist the torsional moment a R.C.C. beam section more efficiently when working stress design is adopted ?

An unsymmetrical section

A box section

A solid rectangular section

A symmetrical

Answer: A solid rectangular section


2. In a T-beam, the vertical distance between the bottom of the flange and the centre of the tensile reinforcement is known as the ?

breadth of flange

thickness of flange

breadth of slab

depth of rib

Answer: depth of rib


3. A T-beam behaves like a rectangular beam of width equal to its flange, if neutral axis ?

remains outside the flange

remains within the flange

remains below the slab

both (a) and (b)

Answer: remains within the flange


4. A ribbed slab is provided where ?

plain ceiling is required

thermal insulation is required

acoustic insulation is required

all of these

Answer: all of these


5. The diagonal tension in concrete can be resisted by providing ?

diagonal tension reinforcement

shear reinforcement

inclined tension reinforcement

all of these

Answer: diagonal tension reinforcement


6. The concrete below the neutral axis ?

resists the bending moment

embeds the tensile steel

both (a) and (b)

none of these

Answer: embeds the tensile steel


7. In a doubly reinforced beam, steel reinforcement is provided in a ?

tensile zone

compression zone

either (a) and (b)

both (a) and (b)

Answer: both (a) and (b)


8. The pitch of bars of main reinforcement in solid slab should not exceed ............ the effective depth of slab or 60 cm whichever is smaller ?


three times

five times

six times

Answer: three times


9. Pure adhesive resistance in a reinforced concrete structure is provided by ?

shrinkage of the concrete

deformed bars

relatively weak adhesion of the chemical gum produced by concrete during setting

all of the above

Answer: relatively weak adhesion of the chemical gum produced by concrete during setting


10. In a pre-stressed concrete structure ?

dead load of structure is reduced

cracking of concrete is avoided

the cost of supporting structure and foundation is reduced

all of the above

Answer: all of the above