1. On winter evenings, a haze of smog hang in Delhi. ?

is hanging over

hangs over

hangs up

No substitution required

Answer: hangs over


2. Every year our association is having a meeting to elect the officers ?

No substitution required

are having a meeting

has a meeting

having a meeting

Answer: has a meeting


3. He had barely spoken the words when he realised his mistake ?

barely speak the words that

No substitution

barely spoken the words than

barely spoke the words when

Answer: No substitution


4. She has no other hobby but that of collecting coins ?

not other hobbies but

No substitution

no other hobby than

no another hobby but

Answer: no other hobby than


5. Riya went into the shop because it has sale ?

No improvement

it is having sale

it having a sale

it had a sale

Answer: it had a sale


6. While my parents talked to the visitor, I made tea in the kitchen ?

parents were talking

No improvement

parents have talked

parents are talking

Answer: parents were talking


7. When the little girl loses her doll, she began to cry ?

loss her doll

no improvement

losing her doll

lost her doll

Answer: lost her doll


8. A simple life of freedom and happiness is one of the more difficult thing to achieve ?

No substitution required

one of the more difficult things to achieve

one of the most difficult things to achieve

one of the most difficult thing to achieve

Answer: one of the most difficult things to achieve


9. You have not showed any improvement in your handwriting ?

had not showed

No improvement

has not shown

have not shown

Answer: have not shown


10. Would you like to speak in English or Hindi ?

like to speaking

liking to speak

no improvement

liked speaking

Answer: no improvement