1. Which type of thread is used in acetylene cylinder regulator ?

right hand

left hand


double start

Answer: left hand


2. ____________ is used to protect the eyes and face of a welder from arc radiation and spark_during arc welding ?

safety shoes

chipping goggles

welding helmet


Answer: welding helmet


3. The arc utilized in electric arc welding is a ?

high voltage, high current discharge

low voltage, low current discharge

low voltage, high current discharge

high voltage, low current discharge

Answer: low voltage, high current discharge


4. The electrode are manufactured in two standard lengths namely ?

250 mm and 350 mm

350 mm and 450 mm

400 mm and 500 mm

500 mm and 550 mm

Answer: 350 mm and 450 mm


5. Cast iron contains two elements, Which make it difficult to cut it by gas cutting. What are these elements ?

sulphur and phosphorus

silicon and graphite

graphite and phosphorus

silicon and sulphur

Answer: silicon and graphite


6. For use in oxyacetylene gas welding, oxygen is produced by ?

electrolysis of air

liquefaction of air

contamination of water

liquefaction of water

Answer: electrolysis of air


7. Oxyacetylene gas welding process is a type of ?

diffusion welding

pressure welding

tig welding

fusion welding

Answer: fusion welding


8. The gas flame containing relatively more amount of oxygen than acetylene is called ?

carburizing flame

neutral flame

oxidizing flame

nitriding flame

Answer: oxidizing flame


9. The welding machine, Which is used to convert AC welding supply to DC welding supply is ?

motor generator set

engine generator set

rectifier set

welding transformer

Answer: rectifier set


10. Molten flux Which solidifies over the weld metal in manual metal arc welding is called ?

heat affected zone


cellulose coating


Answer: slag